36,400 դր․

+3.3V (A) 24
+5V (A) 18
+12V1 (A) 54
-12V (A) 0.5
+5Vsb (A) 2.5
Max. combined power 12V (W) 648
Max. combined power 3.3V + 5V (W) 120
+12V2 (A)
Fan / Cooling technology
Bearing technology Hydro Bearing
Fan size (mm) 120
OCP (over current protection)
OVP (over voltage protection)
UVP (under voltage protection)
SCP (short circuit protection)
OTP (over temperature protection)
OPP (over power protection)
Eco / Efficiency
80PLUS certification
Efficiency (%) at 230V, 20% load
Efficiency (%) at 230V, 50% load
Efficiency (%) at 230V, 100% load
Environmental directives
Cable management / Connectors
Modular cable management
Cable length to mainboard (cm) 450
Cable length to first connector (cm) 400
Maximum cable length (cm) 850
Sleeved cables
No. of cables 5
ATX-Motherboard (20+4-pin) 1
P4+4 (CPU) 1
P4 (CPU)
PCI-E 6-pin (GPU) 1
PCI-E 6+2-pin (GPU) 1
PATA 4-pin 2
SATA 15-pin (HDD, Drives) 6
FDD (Floppy)
Logistics data, RRP
Range Redwing
Article number XN054
EAN code 4044953501234
Dimensions, package (L x W x H), (mm) 225 x 165 x 100
Gross weight, package (kg) 1.84
Pieces per packaging unit 10
Dimensions, shipping box (L x W x H), (mm) 15.66
Gross weight, shipping box (kg) 520 x 480 x 20