Online type UPS: double voltage conversion with pure sine wave output without switching the power

USB interface

Automatic AC voltage regulation (AVR)

Intelligent overload- and short-circuit protection

Audible and visual alarms

LCD display and LED status indication

Internal battery with overcharge and over-discharge protection

Type: online
Waveform: sine, <2% distortion at linear load (<5% non-linear), PF > 0.99
Input: AC 176 ~ 288 V, 40 – 70 Hz autodetect
Output: AC 208 V / 220 V / 230 V / 240 V (settable) ±1%, 45Hz/65Hz autosense
Switching time: near 0 ms
Backup time: 30 mins (depends on the load)
Battery: UPS with sealed lead-acid 12V/9Ah 16 pcs; 192 V DC
Charge time: 90% capacity restored in 8 hours
Input Sockets: Terminal block input – Single-phase three-wire (1F + N + PE);
Output Sockets: Terminal block input; 6x C13 socket outputs
Interface communication: USB; optional slots: RS485 / dry contacts / SNMP / battery temperature compensation
Operating conditions: 0°C~40°C, at humidity 20~90%RH non condensing
Power: 10000 VA (~10000 W)
Noise: < 55 dB at 1 m distance
Dimensions: 310 x 685 x 941 mm
Product weight: 62 kg
“Cold-start” function


System requirements
In order to work correclty, the connected load should be at least 5% of the maximum capacity of the UPS. For example, a 700 W UPS needs at least a connected load of 35 W to work.